Visitor’s Experience in ISKCON Bangalore

visitors experience in ISKCON bangalore

One of the visitors from Bangalore shared his experience as follows: The experience of visiting this temple is so serene and soothing that one is tempted to spend few hours here. On the specific festive days the temple is visited by large number of devotees, but the crowd management is perfect.

On the days when there are fewer people, the experience is still better. Sanctum sanatorium is just breathtaking with the Deities of Lord Krishna and Radha & chanting of mantras. The overall architecture of the temple is very good. Even if one is not very religiously inclined, visiting here will give very positive energy.

Overall it is something unique and worth visiting. Comment from a Malaysian Traveller: This is my second time visiting ISKCON and it is still an amazing place to be. Though I am not a follower of Hare Krishna, the temple is so serene and beautiful that you cannot help falling in love with it. A visitor from Denmark wrote: The temple is a fantastic piece of holy architecture, elegantly combining an exterior of glass with wood, gold and gems for the insides. The prayer rooms (altars) are overwhelming with their decorations and it cannot be described in word. Experience of a visitor from Sweden: The ISKCON temple of Bangalore is one of the biggest in the world. It quite a busy temple, very well organized. The people are very welcoming and the ambience is nice. The building itself looks like a fusion between a modern 5 star hotel with big glass windows and an old temple building with stone carvings and pillars. It is an interesting experience.

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