Variety of Planetary System

variety of planetary system

The material world consists of many varieties of planetary system. These are described in the Brahma Samhita. Thousands and crores of Material universes totally comprise the one-fourth part of the ingenious creation of the lord.

The other three-fourth part of the lord’s creation lies in the spiritual sky called the Paravyoma or Vaikuntha loka or the anti-material world. In this article we attempt to provide for some thought of the variegated planetary framework inside the material universes.

The Brahma Samhita summarizes this as follows.

“Yasya prabha prabhavato jagad anda koti kotisu vasudadi vibhuti bhinnam tad brahma niskalam anantam ashesa bhutam govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami.”

Not only there are infinite planets but also endless universes. They are produced by the Brahman effulgence originating from the Spiritual body of Govinda, the Primal Lord. Lord Brahma worships this Primal Lord who is the presiding deity of the universe.

Furthermore in the ‘Brahma Samhita’ it is said that in every one of the vast number of universes, there are endless number of variegated planets.

Every single one of the endless planets inside a universe is supplied with a specific kind of climate and the living creatures there are all the more splendidly advanced in knowledge of science and brain thinking because of better air of life. This versatility of living being in distinctive collections of planets is portrayed in the ‘Brahma Samhita’ as “Vibhuti Bhinnam”. Vibhuti implies specific power and Bhinnam indicates Variegated-ness.

Researchers who are endeavoring to investigate the space and attempting to achieve different planets by mechanical courses of action must know it for sure that living beings adjusted to the climate of the earth can’t exist in the atmospheric influence of different planets. Thus the endeavor to get into the radius of the Moon, the Sun or the Mars or to get into these specific planets will be totally a vain attempt of man because of distinctive climate predominant in those planets which are depicted in the ‘Brahma Samhita’ as Vibhuti Bhinnam.

Separately however one can endeavor to go into any planet he wants but this is conceivable only by mental changes in the psyche of a specific individual. Mind is the core of this material body. The continuous evolutionary procedure of the material body depends pretty much on the psychological changes in the mind. Psychological changes of the mind determine the real development of a worm into a butterfly, or in the present day example the progression of medical science in terms of conversion of man’s body into a lady or the other way around.

Bhagavad gita reveals this science of giving up our material body during death and entering into the anti-material world by focusing the thoughts of our mind on the Supreme Personality of godhead Sri Krishna. This implies that anyone who constantly practices these prescribed rules can easily attain God’s abode in the anti-material domain. There is no doubt regarding this fact.

In the same way if anyone aims to enter into some other planet of the material sky, he can do so after quitting the present body, i.e., after death, and enter into the climate of the specific planet one desires to go. One has to abide by legal laws of a particular kind to enter into any planet may it be moon or mars. The Bhagavad gita says: “The object which a person meditates upon at the time of death, and gives up his material body in that particular condition of mind, does immediately attain to that particular object after death.”

Maharaj Bharata, despite his extreme penances, thought about a stag at the time of his passing and therefore he turned into a deer after death but with clear cognizance of his past life. This is the most vital point. One’s mental condition during the time of death determines the next body one achieves. The condition of oneself at the time of death is however an eventual outcome of the real deeds which one performs amid his span of life.

Srimad Bhagavatam describes the process of entering in to the moon planet
“All conditioned men of this world are mad for acquiring more wealth, fame and adoration without any clue of the kingdom of God and the spiritual happiness. All of them are only interested in working for the self-satisfaction of family members and extending their selfishness to social needs or national welfare. Such men conduct prescribed Vedic ritualistic sacrifices to satisfy the forefathers and some with an intention to enter into heavenly planets such as the moon. Thus after attaining the moon planet men enjoy better facilities and comforts and again degrade to earth after vanquishing their pious quota.”

The Spiritual sky is much greater than the material sky which is composed of the material energy. There are unlimited Vaikunthas in the exhibition of the lord’s internal potency which is three times more than that of material energy.

All fruitive workers or poor materialists of this world are busy in planning for their good in political field in this insignificant creation of the lord. Actually the earth is negligible compared to the universe comprised of all its total planets, which in turn is compared to the grain of mustard amongst a bag with innumerable mustards. Materialists make arrangement here to live agreeably and therefore squander most profitable vitality of human life in this material world. Instead of leading a plain and simple life and aiming at spiritual progress, they spend time in constant anxiety for earning temporary gifts of matter. A material person seeks to enjoy better material facilities by transferring himself to other planets where such pleasures are available. The natural conclusion would be that one should plan for a life in spiritual planets where one enjoys eternal happiness eternally, but not to aim at some immediate planet by childish sputniks where one obtains temporary and limited material enjoyment. Even mystic yogis aim at achieving some temporary mystic powers by their control of movements of air in the body.

By the grace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu the human society has been benefitted with the glorious means of Harinam Sankirtan – the congregational chanting and hearing of the holy names of the lord. This approach towards the Supreme lord not only takes us back to spiritual destination but also enables us to revive our dormant love of God. Thus one should not squander this available opportunity in the most precious human form of life and take seriously to devotional service.   We need to train our subtle mind and gross senses in varieties of devotional service and engage them in service of the Supreme Lord.

By such constant engagement one’s senses and mind get completely purified. Thus qualifying one to achieve the Supreme destination of the Lord without doubt.

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