The Higher Taste

the higher taste

By: Sharada Prasad R, United States

After a graceful darshan of the Lord, this restaurant is the place for a sumptuous sattvic vegetarian food. Rightly named, The Higher Taste restaurant is unique and I visit this as often as I can; and when I am busy I sure will have packed lunch on the go.

The soothing interiors and decent staff make this place memorable to return back again and again. Each dish I have so far tasted is pure and healthy. I have never ever fallen sick after eating here.

I have many western visitors in my Bengaluru office that just can’t wait to dine at Higher Taste. Paneer dishes are superb. Their delectable desserts are different for each meal served. Settle for the buffet to taste all the menu items. The appetizers and soups are heavenly, with a variety cuisine spread of Chinese (noodles or fried rice, with sauce), Mexican, Italian pasta, North and South Indian dishes with a chat corner (pani-puri). Eat to your satisfaction makes it worthwhile (watch out you may be tempted to over eat). The bite site bread (rotis and naans) are mouth watering and goes well with the day’s vegetable dishes. Ample paid parking (a drive over the hill across the restaurant) is available and the ambience is just right. For instant gratification end your meal with featured ice-creams, that are different on festivals. Their pan beeda flavored ice cream is a pure joy like a cherry on the pie. You could discover the Heavenly food in a graceful atmosphere for the sattvic in you. Don’t miss the festival specials.


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