Thank You Parikshit Maharaj

thank you parikshit maharaj

“wanted to share a little poem that I have written today
Thank You Parikshit Maharaj
Hey Parikshit Maharaj !
U R so great Left The worldly attachment at the time of death
Like one flushes his stool in the morning
This world is the reason for our bondage
And U untied this bonding effortlessly

O Parikshit Maharaj !
How foolish I am
Worrying about things that are not gonna last
Attaching to an identity which is not permanent
Unable to be inspired by your heroic acts
O Parikshit Maharaj !
Save me from this world of temporary things
Bring that endeavour in me
So that I also live my life
Being detached just like you
I want a permanent solution
for which I am sure in my heart
But I lack commitment like you
I am so foolish That I forget
and hence create resistance for myself
Please ,Check my mind from creating
these bondages of suffering
I want permanent freedom
Even living in a family like you
Being detached from my false identity
And deepening my attachment to my true identity
That is to my spirit soul
Whose nature is to love god
Please Parikshit maharaj
I am begging to you Please have mercy on this fallen soul
Please free my mind from all the sufferings
Caused by acceptance of my false identity
Please fill each nerve of my brain
With this realization
That I am not this body
I am spirit soul
So that I never forget even for a moment
And then do my duty what Krishna has given to me
Just like you
Being detached from all sources of bandage to this world
And serving my dear lord with true knowledge
So that whenever Lord want me to come
I come to him cutting all the bondages
Without even thinking about it
Hey Parikshit Maharaj
Hey great soul
Thank you for inspiring this fallen soul
Who was struggling in life by following false things and people
Thank you for setting an example
So that People like me gets a hope
That there is a permanent solution
There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Thank you God
Thank you Krishna For sending souls like these
Otherwise humanity will be so lost
Otherwise I will be lost
Thank you for giving a true purpose of life
A purpose to live for
That is to awaken the love for you which we got forgotten
In the period of our entanglement in this material world
Thank you Lord For either coming yourself or sending few pure souls
To remind us, the fallen souls
To give us self-realization
To inspire us in giving our body, mind and soul
in something greater, something deeper
which is beyond this material world
That is our ticket back to godhead, back to spiritual world
Thank you for reminding this foolish soul
That we are not meant for living here forever
Our true abode is Vrindavan
Where KRishna is waiting for us
With open arms to give a welcome hug
We are the sons of God
But since we forget this relationship
We become demon
So Parikshit Maharaj and all the great souls
Please kill this demon inside me
Which is making me forget my love for Krishna
Which makes me suffer
because of my ignorance
Please kill this demon of ignorance
So that with all the goodness in my heart
I love god and spread this love to everyone
Please be my spiritual guide
Please guide my mind and my heart
So that I can cross this material ocean
which is so difficult to cross without your mercy
I am already tired
My whole body is wrecked
My soul energy is sucked by this demon
of material mode of ignorance
I am tired of getting tired
I don’t want to suffer more
I want a permanent solution
My dear Parikshit Maharaj
Please be merciful on this miserable soul
Let me be the dust of your lotus feet
Let me be the flower served to your lotus feet
Let me be your eternal servant
So , maybe one day I will come to souls like you
So that I will come to Krishna one day
Then my life will be perfect
Then I would have served my life’s true purpose.”

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