Path of Krishna consciousness: Need of the hour

path of krishna consciousness

Human life devoid of consciousness is just dead material body. This signifies the presence of soul which is the only constant in the course of various stages of human life and also between two lives. Change of body is just a temporary change by which self-realized people are not bewildered (dhiras tatra na muhyati). Therefore, it is very important to understand the constitutional position of soul – what is the relationship between soul and super soul, their functioning. All this can only be possible if we are carefully guided by a spiritual master on the path of Krishna and with utmost faith in him, we remain completely malleable in his hands.

Every human being can clearly understand that he has the nature to do service. In human life also, we are serving one or the other person because this is the swarupa (to serve) of each soul. In broad terms, either we are serving Krishna directly or we are serving maya (Krishna’s external energy). When we serve maya, then also we get pleasure but that pleasure is temporary and is accompanied by karmic reactions and attachment. But, when we serve the Lord, the pleasure which we receive is eternal and permanent. In Krishna consciousness, we are doing service to the Lord, which will in turn satisfy our senses. So, in Krishna consciousness, we don’t have any fear or insecurities about achieving anything. Since, we are serving Krishna; Krishna will provide everything required for our services and maintenance. We just have to dovetail our desires to the instructions of the Lord.

Knowing more about God (creator) and understanding our relationship with Him in depth is very pleasing, life becomes peaceful. At last, we stop running around materialistic things and we look towards our inner welfare. Moreover, we are able to understand, how fallen and deeply conditioned souls we are and thus able to clearly perceive the love we receive through chanting and by following the instructions of the Lord in the disciplic succession.

In this age of Kali, it is not easy to understand the instructions of the Lord by ourselves. You need the guidance of a self-realized soul who can pick you up from this never-ending ocean of material existence. For example, when you externally renounce sense gratification, you will need more effort and tolerance. Sometimes, if you try to suppress it more, it grows more like an itch. For e.g., a great saint Saubhari Muni, who was performing penance underwater for thousands of years, when he saw two fishes mating, he could not control his desire to mingle with the opposite sex. Thus, he came out of the water and started running after young girls. It is only some souls who must have had some spiritual guidance in their previous birth, that they are able to curb their total sense gratification.

On the other hand, for a devotee it is very easy to renounce sense gratification, as he is always able to gratify his senses with spiritual matters like hearing and chanting. He has a higher taste and knows where the real satisfaction lies (laughing and laughing he goes back to Godhead).

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