O Govardhan Hill

govardhan hill

O gracious govardhan hill
I could feel your situation
How ecstatic you were
Being lifted by the darling of Vrindavan
The thief of everyone’s heart Krishna
I could imagine your situation
How overjoyed you were
Dancing on cute little finger
Swallowing nectar filled inside your big mouth
By the tiny little touch of lord
I could sense the same vibration
Like a current in my veins
Produced by a thunderstorm of ecstasy
I could hear the sound Of my fast beating heart
Who seems to found his lost purpose
In your pastime with dear krsna
O Govardhan Hill ! forgive me
If I become envious
Thinking how fortunate you are
Getting the touch of the lord
Continuously for 7 days and nights
I could feel my heart melting
On just imagining your pastime
Then I wonder
How much more my heart would have melted
If I could have been on your place
If just one time I could feel the touch
The touch that make me forget everything
The touch that totally absorbs me in it
The touch that has the holding capacity of an ocean
The touch that can dissolve me completely
Like sugar dissolving in water
The touch that makes me feel
Like I am the happiest person in this world right now
Please Govardhan Hill !
Pardon me on thinking like this
Forgive me on my jealous nature
I am just ecstatic at this moment
Thinking about your situation
And putting myself into your position
Is making me to feel even more ecstatic
Like I am dissolving in some solution
There is so much joy in this mixing
There is so much bliss in this melting
Making me numb and speechless
Making me forget all my sufferings
Giving me a feeling of absolute freedom
Free like a bird who could fly
Expanding wings of his consciousness
In the unlimited sky of spiritual ecstasy
Manifested inside my heart right now
On remembering your wonderful time with Krishna
The reservoir of enjoyment
I wonder by just remembering this event
How could I feel such fulfillment inside my heart
Than what could have happened
If I was personally present there
Seeing the whole event directly
Through my little material eyes
But I could understand
Why I have not been given chance
Chance to enjoy the association of Krishna
Chance to dance with him in ecstasy
Chance to hear the melodious tunes Coming out of his flute
I could understand
Why I am so unfortunate
That I did not get the chance of direct perception
Direct experience of the nectar
Coming out of Krishna’s lips
Of unbelievable sweetness
I could see
How all the sins that I have done
Were the reasons behind this lack of luck
I could see all the factors
In form of my wrong deeds
Amounting to my unfortunateness
But Please Govardhan Hill !
I know I am very sinful
I know I am very forgetful
But please never destroy this memory
From my little contaminated mind
Because in whatever little amount
I am sucking the nectar of spiritual ecstasy
Its sufficient to keep my heart fulfilled
Its sufficient to feed the hunger
Manifesting inside my soul
Which has been like this from god know how many years
So,please fix my mind on your pastime
So that the thirsty heart
Doesn’t remain thirsty at all
Please just keep my mind concentrated
On your pastimes with little Krishna
So that just by imagining this
I could drink the nectar of blissfulness
And the soul suffering from lives after lives
Could again feel satisfied.

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