iskcon bangalore

Swami Prabhupada, the spiritual Icon
Was initiated to spearhead ISKCON;
A cult of its oWhich is world renown.

The preachings of the Lord,
Were spread in India and Abroad;
To educate people,
About the path so Spiritual.

They built temples,
So unique in architecture ;
Adorned with exquisite paintings
And unmatched in Grandeur.

The golden towers and arches,
So high and intricate;
And massive doors,
So rich and ornate.

The decoration of flowers
Being very delicate;
There stand the golden Deities,
To bow and Prostrate.

The continuous chanting
Of Hare Krishna Mantra,
Reverberates in the air
To create a Divine Aura

Transporting the devotees
To a different time and space,
Thus enabling an experience
Of Heavenly Grace.

Like Krishna the pervader,
Encompassing numerous universes;
So does ISKCON embrace,
People from all Races.

May this movement
Stay to inspire and Bless,
People in the quest
For knowledge and spiritual zest

                                                                                                                               —–By Rekha Prakash

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