ISKCON Bangalore – A Unique Temple

iskcon bangalore a unique temple

By: Sanjay Kholi

We came to Bangalore in summer of 2004 and we asked our new driver to take us to some temple where we can do puja and stay in Bangalore. He took us to what he called the biggest temple in Bangalore and that happened to be ISKCON Temple at Hare Krishna Hill.

At first glance we were amazed at such big and clean temple. We have visited several Indian temples. But unfortunately none of the temples are really clean. Water and milk will be flowing all over the temple attracting flies, mosquitoes and other insects. We always had trouble sitting in temple for long time. But the ISKCON temple is unique in that respect. They have put a lot of thought into keeping the place clean. You remove your shoes long before you enter temple. The marble floor and 108 steps are kept clean somehow. I have never seen sweeper cleaning the temple but somehow temple stays clean.

The temple is filled with chants all the time and that is another unique feature. You can literally sit anywhere in the temple and listen to chants and pray to god. Of course the main hall is where you want to visit to complete the darshan. The place is normally crowded but without crowd behavior of pushing and jostling. You never feel threatened in the crowd and despite having so many people visiting temple everyday there is never very long wait for darshan. People at ISKCON temple understand the queuing system to maintain the steady flow of crowd and there are no bottlenecks. Also everyone gets Prasadam and some flowers to take home.

The Higher Taste Restaurant in the ISKCON Temple is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore. Recently we have started to stay longer in the temple. With Bangalore traffic getting worst every day, reaching ISKCON temple from our place now requires two hours. When we go to temple we also plan lunch and dinner at the temple itself, thanks to the Higher Taste Restaurant. I am glad management thought of this idea.

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