Heart Transforming Experience

heart transforming experience

Being not so religious, I was hesitant to go to the 2nd most visited place in Bangalore as I had no great affinity towards any faith nor the will to waste a Sunday night at a temple. But, a shocking experience awaited me.

Apart from the beautiful construction and the aesthetically pleasing view, it is a place which by itself speaks scientific and logical spirituality that is acceptable and palatable. Their music transfered me to a whole new realm. The beauty of the deities is unmatchable. The place should get an award for cleanliness!!

If you want to see the varieties of flavors available in Indian cuisine, you must definitely visit their Higher Taste restaurant. Also, the different traditional snacks at HDF counter( especially the samosa’s) are mouthwatering and delicious.

This place reconnects you with your inner self. A great place for seeking the answers to many questions about life.

The best experience in a temple so far!! I definitely recommend that you visit this place around 7:45pm on a Sunday night and have fun by joining the gala dancing crowd.

It is no more a shock that ISKCON is the second most visited place in Bangalore!!

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