Bhaktiyoga-The Way To Anti Material World

bhaktiyoga the way to anti material world

The Anti-material World is described by the Lord in the Bhagavad gita as follows

“There are two worlds namely the material world and the anti-material world. The material world is made of lower qualities which are of energy divided into eight material principles but anti-material world is made of higher qualities comprised of superior energy.”

Since the material and anti-material energies are emanations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, it is appropriate to conclude that Lord Krishna is the ultimate cause of all creations and annihilations. The Lord’s two inferior and superior energies manifest the material and anti-material worlds and as such He is the Absolute Truth. In the Bhagavad gita the Lord explains the fact as follows:-

“I am the highest principle or transcendence and there is nothing superior to Me, oh Dhananjaya. Everything is thus interleaved in My energies exactly like the pearls are interwoven on the thread.”

Material scientist can never comprehend the eternally existing anti-material world by his material means or senses. His information of the anti-material world would be limited to conception by the rule of opposites only. Only reliable sources of authority that are liberated and thoroughly realized can deliver complete details of the anti-material world. Knowledge of the Anti-material world is therefore received by method of submissive aural reception from an authority of such knowledge.

Being the first living being of the material world lord Brahma was the first receiver of the Vedic knowledge. The Vedas or the Vedic knowledge was imparted into the heart of Brahma. Consequently Narada was educated in this knowledge by Lord Brahma. Similarly the philosophy of Bhagavad gita was originally spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead to Sun-god known as Vivasvan. In due course of time this knowledge was misinterpreted and hence authoritative chain of aural reception was broken. Therefore the Supreme Lord descended himself to establish the principles of religion. He imparted the timeless wisdom of Bhagavad gita to Arjuna on the battle field of Kurukshetra. Brahma was the first recipient of the transcendental knowledge of Vedas and Arjuna took his place as the lord’s disciple and received the transcendental knowledge of Bhagavad Gita from Lord Sri Krishna.

Arjuna put forth many relevant questions to the lord in order to remove the common man’s misgivings about various subjects. Taking the disposition of a layman, Arjuna clarified on subjects of real welfare applicable to one and all. Thus Lord Sri Krishna delivered all answers pertaining to the deliverance of all people through the agency of Sri Arjuna. People of very low nature addicted to unclean habits and who are situated in demoniac demeanor attracted to glamour of the material world cannot comprehend the philosophy spoken by the Lord. They can never understand the personality of Godhead. Therefore one who wants to understand the details of the anti-material world has to become thoroughly clean in his habit and heart.

This material world is only a simple reflection of the anti-material world known as Vaikunthas. The anti-material world is full of variety and contains exhaustive detail than that of material world. Therefore only sincere and intelligent class of men who are clean in heart and habit can know in nutshell, the details of the anti-material world from the scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad gita describes:

“Sri Krishna in his original personality along with his plenary expansions resides as the worship able deity of the anti-material world. The Personality of godhead as he is and his expansions can only be known through devotional activities which are nothing but anti-material activities. The Supreme personality of godhead is the Supreme Lord and Absolute truth, the whole anti-Material Principle. Everything emanates from Him. The Material world and the anti-material world as well as the governing principles are emanating from him. He is the basis of everything; the root of the whole tree. When we pour water to the root of a tree then the branches, twigs and leaves are nourished automatically. When one worships Sri Krishna, the Supreme personality of godhead then all the details of the material world is revealed in the heart of the sincere devotee without endeavoring in the conditioned way. Similar secrets of Bhagavad gita are revealed to the sincere devotee of the lord.”

The means of gaining entrance into the anti-material world is different from the so called processes advocated by the scientists or so called yogis. The anti-material entities or the living entities who are now embarrassed by their material conditioning are eligible to enter into the anti-material world very easily by taking to anti-material activities in this material world. Gross materialists equipped with means of materialistic science limited by their own experimental thoughts of mental speculation are deluded in this endeavor. The mechanical planes or electronic rockets that are presently being tossed in the space can’t even approach the material planets in the higher regions of universe what to say of the planets located in the anti-material space beyond the imagination of the material mind and science.

The yogis who are perfectly self-controlled can also enter the anti-material sky by dint of their mystic power at any opportune moment of their choice. The law governing such entry is described in the Bhagavad gita as follows

“Transcendental world or anti-material world is reachable by the people who give up their body in certain auspicious time such as the period of uttarayana or when the sun passes towards the northern side or during the auspicious influence of deities of fire and light.”

There are many controlling deities who are powerful directing officers in the administration of the cosmic manifestation. Perfect yogis are informed of how to please the managers of the affairs of material world. Imprudent people of this world are incapable of seeing the complexities of cosmic management and the rules governing in pleasing them and try to independently arrange for their personal management of air, fire and electricity. The yogis take advantage of their knowledge and give up the material body at an opportune moment either by entering the anti-material world or the higher planets of the material world. The higher planets of the material world offer higher and superior comforts and pleasure but never an eternal life. Those seeking eternal life on the anti-material world do not yield to so called higher pleasures or longer duration of existence of the higher planets and enter the anti-material regions called as Vaikuntha. Gross materialists are satisfied by entering into some other region of the same planet where they can achieve their temporary fruitive benefits.

To conclude, Bhagavad gita recommends one and all to take up anti-material activities or devotional service because only this enables one to achieve the anti-material world, which is full of bliss and eternity. If one takes up such devotional service under the guidance of a bonafide spiritual master one is sure not to be disappointed in his attempts to enter the anti-material world or the spiritual world. If one is strictly following the path chalked out by such transcendental devotees then he is guaranteed the entry into the anti-material world. The Bhagavad gita proclaims all the results that are obtained by performing sacrifice, practicing penance or performing sacrifice or giving charity is simply achievable in rendering devotional service known as Bhakti-yoga.

Lord Krishna in his most sublime and munificent incarnation as Lord Chaitanya has graced us in this Iron Age. The practice of Bhakti yoga through the easiest process of Sankirtana or chanting the holy names of the Supreme Lord is a boon for all the suffering souls of this age.  The misgivings of the heart and the fire of material existence can be easily vanquished by adopting this simple process. It not only removes ignorance but also delivers transcendental bliss and helps one to reach the anti-material world or the transcendental abode of the supreme lord.

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